How To Play Cricket on Dart Board

This game is usually played between 2-4 players. The aim of the game is to be the first person to open or close all the cricket numbers and to have a higher or even point total.

You should first ensure that you have the correct dart board regulation set up. Having an incorrect set up can negatively effect game play.

What To Target?

The first things to know about the dart game cricket is what numbers to target.

All you need to remember are the numbers 15 – 20 and the bulls eye. You need to hit each number 3 times to win.

The next thing to know about is the dart board itself. There are three main areas on the board. If you throw a dart on a number in the single you get one mark, if you throw a double that’s two marks and throw a triple it’s three marks. This means if you hit a triple in one throw you have opened a number.

How To Play

When you manage to hit one number three times this number is now known as open this can be done over as many shots as you need. The numbers usually do not need to be opened in any order unless you are playing very strict variation. Any number can be hit on the same turn.

Each player gets three shots, who goes first is determined by each player throwing a dart and whoever gets it closest to the bull eyes goes first, if all players hit the same spot they take another turn until someone get closer to the bull’s eye or hits it. This is called the diddle.

Keeping Score

A score board is used to keep track of hits on all the numbers. When you hit a number once is it shown by placing a slash beside the number. (/) if you hit the same number again the (/) becomes an X and when the number is hit a third time an O is marked on the number on the board. This now shoes the number closed off.

The first player to hit a number three times owns that number and the number is said to be opened. Further hits on the number score that amount of points and this continues until an opponent hits the number three times and closes it, then the number is removed from play.

The outer bullseye ring is worth 25 points and the inner is worth 50 points.

Once a player has opened or closed all required numbers i.e. 15-20, if this player has equal or greater points than his opponent then he wins.

The game begins by the diddle. Each player throws 3 darts and after the last dart a player’s score is totalled. Player two and three does this also. Play continues until all the numbers have been closed off, the person with the most points and bullseyes are the winners.

There can be stricter variations of this game where cut throat scoring is used. When the numbers have to hit in a certain i.e. 15 to 20 or evens or odds another version is called scram, scram uses all the numbers on the board minus the bull’s eye.

This should be enough to get you started, but hey, if this doesn’t sound like your game, how about giving 501 darts a go? Or even check out other games you can play on a dart board.


Darts Cricket FAQs

Playing cricket on a dart board can be a little confusing, so we’ve done our best to answer some frequently asked questions.

How do you win at cricket darts?

There’s a couple ways you can win. firstly, if you manage to close your innings first, and have the most points, you win. Secondly, if you are tied, the first person to close their innings is declared the winner. 

What is a good cricket darts score?

A good aim is 3 marks per round, however, like any game of darts you play, it’s all about recording your scores, and trying to improve on them through practice. 

Is cricket darts popular? 

Compared to the more traditional 501 darts, cricket on a dart board is not as popular, however is still an entertaining and challenging game to play on the dart board. 

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