Dart Board Regulations

When playing any type of games on a dart board, the set-up of the board and oche needs to be exactly correct. Dart board regulations must be followed in order to make it fair for all players. Having an incorrect set up can also effect a players ability to practice efficiently.

The dartboard should hang on a flat wall, so the centre of the bullseye is 1.73 metres or 5′ 8″ from the floor. The number 20 should be at the top and the number 3 at the bottom.

Oche mats will have a number of distances marked out on them but games should be played from a distance of 2.73 metres or 7′ 9 ¼”.

This is the distance used in all the professional tournaments on television and in amateur leagues. Check out the below image for a visual representation of the above.

Dartboard Regulations

Dart Board Regulation FAQs

Here’s some common questions around setting up your dart board correctly.

How high should a dart board be set?

The dart board must be 1.73 metres, or 5’8″ from the floor to bullseye, with the 20 pointing towards the roof. 

How far away from a dart board should you stand?

The foot line should be 2.37 metres, or 7′ 9 ¼” from the dart board. However, there is no set rule how far a player has to stand, as long as they are behind the oche (foot line). Many players will adjust there stance, side to side, and increase distance to suite their favoured throwing style. 

What is the throwing line in darts called?

The Oche.

Can you lean over the line in darts?

Yes you can, as long as your feet remain behind the line, and many players do to get their throwing arm as close to the board as possible. Remember to remain balanced if you are leaning a long way.

Can your elbow cross the line in darts?

Yes, again, as long as your feet remain behind the oche, feel free to lean as far forward as humanly possible. 

How to hang a dartboard without screws?

You can use command strips which are capable of holding the weight of the board.

Where can I mount my dart board?

Usually you use the mount that has come with the dart board, and place it on a wall or door.

How to stop my dart board from spinning?

This is luckily a simple fix, all you need to do is tighten the screw on the back of the board. If you’re still experiencing issues, check that the balancers that are on the back of the board are in contact with the wall to ensure they are keeping it steady.  

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