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Born in Milton Keynes, a town in Buckingham, England, Fallon Sherrock is a professional English dart player. She has been playing dart since the year 2010. Sherrock plays in British Dart Organization (BDO) events and currently has a world ranking 3 in BDO. Despite her young age, Fallon Sherrock has managed to make a prominent mark in the sport of darts. This eminent, young dart player is tipped to become an assertive player in the coming future.

Former mobile hairdresser, Fallon Sherrock started with her career at the young age of 17 by playing darts at the county youth level. She, along with her twin sister Felicia represented England Youth at the WDF Europe Cup Youth in the year 2011. Sherrock was also in the girls’ singles division in the same tournament. She won the Girls World Masters title in 2012 followed by her victory in the Women’s Jersey Open. Moreover, in 2013, she emerged successful in the Women’s British Classics.

Sherrock made her debut in the BDO World Championship in January 2014. However, she failed to make it further than the quarter-finals. But, this could not stop her from working hard and making a comeback in 2015. She made a wonderful comeback in the BDO Ladies World Championship, where she made a world record of hitting five 180s in the semi-finals. The year 2019 saw the dominant side of Sherrock when she became the first woman to win a match and eventually two consecutive matches against men at the PDC World Championship.

Sherrock went through a series of ups and downs. For instance, she faced a huge amount of criticism after her face swelled up due to the medication of some kidney disease in 2017. Sherrock also faced the wrath of people after her declining performance but nothing could stop her from rising again. The more she was criticised, the harder she worked. This single mother who earned the nickname “Queen of the Palace” with her hard work is sure to win many more hearts in the coming future.

Fallon Sherrock FAQs

We’ve collated some frequently asked questions about Fallon Sherrock for your reading pleasure. Get to know her!

What is Fallon Sherrock’s nickname?

Fallon’s nickname is “Queen of the Palace”, which rings true, as she really is the queen of darts.

How old is Fallon Sherrock?

At the time of writing, Fallon is 27 years old. Her date of birth is the 2nd of July, 1994.

Where was Fallon Sherrock born?

Milton Keynes, England, which she also calls his hometown.

When did Fallon Sherrock first start playing darts?


When did Fallon Sherrock debut?

she made her first professional appearance at the BDO in 2012.

What Darts does Fallon Sherrock use?

23g Dynasty Signature darts. You can check them out on Amazon!

What was Fallon Sherrock’s walk on music?

“Last Friday Night” by Katy Perry

How good is Fallon Sherrock at darts?

Fallon is a rising star of the sport, and mixing it with the best. She’s alread had sme great success.

BDO Majors highlights:

  • World Ch’ship Runner Up: 2015
  • World Masters Runner Up: 2014
  • World Darts Trophy Winner (1): 2018
  • Finder Masters Winner (1): 2015

PDC Premier events highlights:

  • World Ch’ship Last 32: 2020
  • Premier League Challenger: 2020
  • UK Open Last 160: 2020
  • World Series Finals Last 24: 2020

Does Fallon Sherrock have a partner?

It’s unkown at this stage if Fallon has a partner. however she does have 1 child called Rory, whom she had when she was 19. 

What is Fallon Sherrock’s net worth?

While it’s still early in Fallon’s career, it’s hard to estimate exactly how much her net worth is. She has managed to already pull £60,000 in career prize money so far. Her net worth will continue to rise with her fame in the darts world. 

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