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The career, life and achievements of Andy Fordham

DOB: 2nd February 1962

Andrew Fordham popularly known as Andy “The Viking” Fordham is an English former professional darts player. He was born in Bristol, England and brought up in Charlton, London, England. Andy Fordham who is nicknamed “The Viking” has had a wonderful darting career with ups and downs. In his darting journey, the two biggest achievements he made is his victory in the 2004 BDO World Darts Championship and his win in the Winmau World Masters in 1999.

Fordham made his debut on stage in the 1995 BDO World Darts Championship, however he couldn’t make it further than the semi finals. Well, this was not his only loss in the semi finals. It was followed by a series of losses in semi finals in the years 1996,1999 and 2001. But, this could not stop him from making a mark in the history of darting. He rose again to become a reigning star of darts. In 2004, Andy Fordham earned his title of World Championship and made his reputation in the sports.

Andy Fordham has been playing in BDO events from 1990 to 2009, after which for two years he participated in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) events. He again went to play in the BDO events from 2013 to 2018. Fordham’s declining health adversely affected his career. In November 2004, he got unwell while playing a match against Phil Taylor and had to discontinue playing. After a nine month absence from darts, Andy Fordham made his comeback in 2007 but faced loss in the tournament.

His consecutive failures, his declining health, nothing could stop Fordham from rising. With his undying attitude to win, he became successful in earning the love and respect of dart lovers. After the 2018 World Masters, Fordham has not participated in any BDO darts.

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