What is the peak age for a darts player?

It’s the question no one asked, but we answered it anyway.

We took the age all PDC world number 1s when they first rose to the top, averaged them out to find exactly what is the prime age for a darts player.

The answer….


Prime Darts Age

Age of player when becoming PDC World Number 1

Raymond van Barneveld40
Rod Harrington37
Colin Lloyd31
Peter Manley38
John Part36
Dennis Priestley44
Phil Taylor36
Michael van Gerwen24
Alan Warriner-Little30

Some other completely random facts about these players

  • March, April and August all have 2 number 1 players born in that month
  • If you’re born in January, February, May, September, October or November, you could be the first PDC number 1 born in that month
  • Two number 1s were born on the 7th day of the month
  • MVG is the youngest, at 24, and Dennis Priestley the oldest at 44

You’re now armed with this information you had no idea you needed! None the less, if you’re approaching 35, congrats, you’re coming to the prime of your darts career. Little older, no stress Dennis did it at 44. Any older than that and I’m afraid we can’t help you, but there’s a first for everything.

Happy darting!

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