Bullseye Trick Shots

Bullseye Darts Trick Shots

Us every day darts players can struggle to hit a single 20 at the best of times, so when we watch the pros do their thing we sit there in pure admiration of the skill it takes to nail triple 20s all night long. So when someone comes along and produces a video on Darts Bullseye Trick Shots, many of us are left scared and confused.

The YouTube Channel “How Ridiculous” has taken darts to a new level. You think hitting a 180 is impressive, take a look at what these lads are doing! They are hitting the bullseye from ridiculous positions. Everything from a moving car to an underwater shot. The video has been viewed almost 1 million times and has done the rounds across several social media platforms.

We have to wonder here at Your Darts how many goes it took these guys to nail these, but at the end of the day, who cares! The video is amazing and we guarantee at least one of these shots will leave you impressed.

Check out the amazing darts trick shots video below.

Impressed? We certainly were! Think you have achieved a better darts trick shot? Let us know, we would love to hear it. Anyway, for us average darts players it’s back to trying to hit a single 20.

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